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The Glass Slipper is a new sim officially opening on 4th January. There will be a grand opening party from 1pm to 8pm SL  featuring live performers and DJs through out the day. Along with some exclusive gifts from POUT and Oh Deer!
The Glass Slipper has a free to use wedding venue, a shopping district featuring venders from Earthstones, Luane’s World, Tori’s Styles, POUT!, Mina’s Hair, Little Branch, Heart&Soul Photography, and CM Bridal shop which also acts as a information center for the sim.  The sim also includes boat rides, carriage rides ,and many photogenic spots along with being the Home of “If the shoe fits” Book Club.
While the sim as a whole is casual attire, for formal events The Glass Slipper features a formal attire only ballroom. for booking of the Wedding venue please contact Melody Morrison (Melody827 Resident) or ℬriana Sρires (briana.spires resident). The ballroom itself is open 24/7 if you would like to use it for a personal party you will need to contact management in advance so your Dj/Djs can get invited to the staff group for temporary access to change the music stream.
TGS focuses on creating an atmosphere that encourages socializing and meeting new people. It is their hope that the sim becomes an experience that lasts in the hearts of their guests forever.”
With all that out of the way , During my walk through of the sim you start just below the formal ballroom against a wall with a gorgeous water fountain on top. Against the wall is a set of general rules for the sim which is best for you to read and understand before walking around.  If you have a dated computer please wait a couple minutes before exploring or you might miss somethings that haven’t rezzed. My personal recommendation,  if your computer can handle it,  is to use a draw distance of 250 due to it being a full sim and using a off-sim backdrop which really sets the atmosphere of the sim. Also have your graphics set to high and advanced lighting turned on . If you cant use these settings that’s fine it wont change too much with out them. The sim itself is laid out well and has a winter wonderland vibe to it  with many opportunity’s to take beautiful pictures
The Glass Slipper

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